Keg Beer Faucet Adapter – Add a faucet to your homebrew keg QD – on sale for $2.99 at William’s Brewing

Keg Beer Faucet Adapter from William’s Brewing

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Allows beer faucets to be attached to a 1/4″ male male flare keg connection fitting. In addition to this fitting, you will need a threaded beer ball lock fitting (like KegLand item B12), a faucet coupling nut (item Q53) and a suitable beer faucet (like Nukatap models X85). It is also helpful to get a suitable faucet wrench, like Intertap Multitool B38, to tighten the securing nut which is not included.


Notes from HBF:  This adapter allows you to connect a faucet to a flare based homebrew keg disconnect.

Keg Beer Faucet Adapter

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