Italian Made Stainless and Aluminum 180 Oz Capacity Press – on sale for $144.99 at William’s Brewing


180 oz Capacity Stainless Steel/Aluminum Fruit press via William’s Brewing.

From the product page: “This rugged, compact press is both easy to use and clean. The 8” wide by 7” tall perforated stainless steel basket holds plenty of fruit for wine, beer, and cider making. The basket features a 1/2″ diameter outlet, so you can attach 1/2″ inner diameter silicone tubing like our item J58 if desired. Also excellent for pressing cheese in cheesemaking. This is for soft fruit like grapes and berries – hard fruit like apples and pears must be crushed and pulverized before pressing. Hard stone fruits like peaches must have their pits removed before pressing.

Easy to clean and more durable than wood/steel presses. Aluminium and stainless construction, 17” tall. The inner basket features 1/16″ of an inch perforations, so you do not need to use a muslin bag liner to keep small pieces of fruit out of your juice. Made in Italy.”

As of this posting, Williams has this on sale for $144.99.  Check product page for current price and availability.


Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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