Introducing the BoilerMaker G2 Brew Pot


Great Fermentations just announced the new Blichmann BoilerMaker G2 Kettle.

from Great Fermentations:
The Best Just Got Better.  Introducing the BoilerMaker™ G2 Brew Pot by Blichmann Engineering™

Just when you thought the BoilerMaker™ couldn’t get any better, Blichmann Engineering™ went ahead and did just that, with the introduction of the G2. Available in 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 55 gallon sizes, this is a no compromise brew pot. It comes packed with standard features like a patent pending linear flow drain that is easy to disassemble and clean, easy to read level gauge, snap-in drain tube, adjustable BrewMometer™, a sleek and easy to clean surface finish, and cool touch custom molded grips. Don’t be lured in by a bare bones pot for a cheaper price; by the time you add all the extras you want, you’ll find that the BoilerMaker™ is STILL hands down the best brew pot your money can buy!

Check it out – Here

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