Limited Availability… Imperial L25 Hygge Lager Yeast + 30% Off Bootleg Biology

imperial l25 hygge yeast

Crispy lager lovers, rejoice! Back by popular demand, Imperial’s L25 Hygge (hyoo-guh) is back for a limited time! This northern European lager used complements significant hop additions in styles like pilsners, and the cooler weather is the perfect time to get a lager batch brewing. There’s nothing better than settling into the warmth and comfort of the season than a cold lager with friends by the fire, and this crisp offering will bring those vibes!

Imperial Yeast’s Pitch Right pouches are jam-packed with 200 billion fresh yeast cells, guaranteed to deliver flawless, fast fermentations, every time. We are excited to carry a lineup of their revolutionary liquid yeasts that boast a higher cell count than other brewing yeasts. Their yeasts are grown by a team of pro brewers and homebrewers in Portland, Oregon, who live to help brewers learn more and ferment better. Imperial Yeast is also the only homebrew yeast that’s USDA-certified.

Imperial Yeast L25 Hygge Lager Yeast – Seasonal Limited Release

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Also, Get 30% Off Bootleg Biology

bootleg biology yeast

We hand-selected 12 of their strains to showcase the diversity of what they offer. These were propagated special for our first order to make sure you receive the freshest yeast possible. From crispy lagers and juicy IPAs to complex mixed fermentations, Bootleg has a culture for every brew. Using Bootleg cultures ensures your beer stands out while still delivering familiar, predictable results.

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