My Filters for Finding Homebrew-Related Amazon Lightning Deals

homebrew lightning deals

Amazon Lightning Deals are limited time, limited quantity deals. Typically Prime Members [Try Prime for Free] get early access to these deals (usually 30 minutes), but for the most part, everyone can take part. A notable exception is Prime Day, those deals are typically only available to Prime Members.

Lightning Deals usually features many, many deals. It can be tough to sift through to find homebrew and craft beer related items. I use a set of filters to narrow the search.

Note: These filters are a moving target, Amazon regularly changes the search interface. Sometimes, they completely remove the ability to search or filter Lightning Deals, other times they change the page so that bookmarks break. We’ll work to keep the link below working and up to date whenever possible.

Recommendation: Bookmark this page for easy access to regularly updated filters

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UPDATE: Amazon is running an Epic Daily Deals Sale that is not allowing the right combination of filters to show only Lightning Deals. As I’ve stated before, this is always a moving target. This is why I suggest bookmarking this page.

UPDATE 2: Epic Daily Deals is still going on, but I, at least temporarily, found a URL that is allowing filters to show Lightning Deals.

  • Amazon Lightning Deals – filters to show select categories that, in my experience, can contain homebrew and craft beer related items
  • More Narrow – further refines the list to show select categories that, in my experience, can contain homebrew and craft beer related items
  • More Narrow/Available Now – shows only deals that are active now

Price, promotions and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability. tag:itsapageamz tag:tpr top:amzlightning