Announcing: Heavenly Haze Single Hop Hazy IPA! Features Alora Hops

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Heavenly Haze Single Hop Hazy IPA  via MoreBeer

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Heavenly Haze is our series of single-hop Hazy IPAs. Whenever a hip new hop hits the scene, we’re as excited to brew with it as you are! We developed Heavenly Haze to use a straight-forward hazy IPA malt bill as a base that’s shared between all Heavenly Haze recipe kits—the only thing that changes is your hop of choice! This allows you to really zero in on the different flavors and aromas of one particular hop, and it’s how we recommend experiencing a new hop you haven’t brewed with before. We’ll continue to expand our Heavenly Haze series to include newly released hops that are perfect for NEIPAs, as well as circle back to include some of our favorite hazy hops that have long been available.

Alora™ is the latest aroma hop from the Hopsteiner Breeding Program best known for her unique oil composition, high 3MH thiol precursors, and tantalizing aroma. Along with Alora™’s distinct oil and thiol composition, she is also one of the most carbon footprint friendly hops grown to date with stacked genetic disease resistances.

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