Heat Resistant Mitt for Tending Starters & Brew Day

G & F 1682 Heat Resistant Fireplace and Barbecue Pit Mitt

Heat Resistant Mitt by G & F.  Made of DuPont Nomex and Kevlar.  Heat and flame resistant.  Silicone palm to provide additional heat resistant and to aid with grip.  Fits right or left hand.

I use a similar type of glove (Ove Glove) when I’m making yeast starters in an Erlenmeyer Flask.  It’s really handy (pun intended) to swirl around the flask or to quickly remove to keep the flask from boiling over.

These are also handy on brew day for handling war, (but not wet) ball valves and such.

These are not waterproof.  Safety Note: Always use caution when handling hot items or ingredients and always read and follow manufacturer directions.

Update: Since this post was published the price, availability or promotion has changed.  Check the product page for current description, price and availability.  Also: Today’s Deals on Amazon

G & F 1682 Heat Resistant Fireplace and Barbecue Pit Mitt

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