Has Austin Homebrew Supply Closed?

I’m getting some reports that Austin Homebrew Supply has closed their physical store location in Austin. Can anyone local confirm this to be the case?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

Update: Austin Homebrew has gone 100% online. They are also available by phone or email if you need product support or have questions.

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12 thoughts on “Has Austin Homebrew Supply Closed?

  1. Ken Floyd

    I loved going into the store and picking my own ingredients. And I usually learned something talking to people smarter than me. I have to make my own beer with Clarity Ferm to reduce gluten. So unfortunately I can’t go sample beer from the breweries around the corner. I’ll have to order online and get my yeast nice and hot.

  2. Ryan P.

    I sent an email to cancel my order and was also surprised that InBev (which I thought still owned Northern Brewer) sold it to a different company (Blackstreet Capital Holdings, LLC)

    Since overtime I would buy from Austin Homebrew Supply I also started to realize that Adventures in Homebrewing had also been connected (and possibly Keg Connection which seemed to change up their online presence,) but this time when ordering the delay in getting the order out and nevertheless taking longer than a day to even update shipping, got my attention.

    Similarly, a lot of other homebrew places not connected to them are also transitioning away from homebrew, and are dedicating themselves exclusively to eCommerce for professional brewers (craft beer restaurants.) I think the proliferation of craft beer access makes people not bother with brewing it themselves, but also the nature of the warehouses are to increase volume of sales by economizing the inventory space (which when looking over the storefront images, I’m not sure why they would need to, though it might have been more to do with wanting to reduce labor needed to create sales and not deal with customers, while also being safer in operations (where as a customer would get in the way and be a liability without insurance covering any injury if utilized as a warehouse? This doesn’t make sense either as places like Costco and many other businesses also operate as funtional warehouses.) A big factor they should have considered when buying the companies is deciding how much it would impact their existing consumer base

    I was prepared to never buy from some of these companies again when I started noticing they would get rid of certain brew recipes (and some of this might be due to cease and desist letters from the major brew companies, which might have played into the decision to sell it off.) It kind of disappoints me because it’s a growing trend away from what I viewed as the few last bastions of “normalcy” before bigger companies continued to economize the industries and “modernize” them, and perhaps this was an expected trend following Covid (which is why some of these places originally closed store fronts. . . Or so I thought.)

    1. admin Post author

      Some interesting thoughts Ryan! For the record, I double checked with Keg Connection and Todd Burns still owns and runs the company.

  3. John Miller

    If online orders are going to continue,—then from where will they be shipping the orders? Still using the store as a shipping warehouse? Are they still going to be called Austin Homebrew, operating out of Austin? Or are they using another name, operating from another location? Being sold to the parent company of Northern Brewer,– does that mean orders will be sent from Minnesota? —-Anybody know the answers to these questions? Or are we still in the rumor stage of this change where nobody really knows anything?

    1. Dan

      Illinois is where my order shipped from. Three days with UPS in the hot summer weather. As you can guess, the little frozen packs did not keep my liquid yeast cold.

  4. Sean

    I was there this past Saturday, and yes, their last day was on Monday, March 28th. The employees didn’t know until the Friday before the store closed. They will keep the online stores open. It sucks because now the closest Homebrew store is over an hour drive away.

  5. Aj

    Sounds like the company (Adventures in Homebrewing + Austin Homebrew Supply) was sold to the parent company of Northern Brewer. Apparently the new owners decided to consolidate and close physical locations suddenly. Employees found out only last week, and the stores are now closed. Inventory is being moved to warehouses. Online operations are supposed to be continuing. I’m local to AIH, and it’s a real shame. I loved the physical location and the employees were amazing.

  6. Dean

    I was in there last Friday, and an employee said that the storefront was closing today (3/28). Not sure if yesterday or today is the last day of operation, but it is closing. As I was there, they were forklifting boxes from the warehouse part of the store into a truck.


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