FREE! Growing and Curing Hops, 1907 – PDF Download

One of the resources that we highlight in our, arguably authoritative, post on growing hops and planning your homebrew garden is the 1907 title from the USDA, Growing and Curing Hops.

Check out the Free Resources Section of Growing Hops & More at Home – Resources to Help Plan Your Garden for  more free resources.

Sourcing Rhizomes to Plant in Your Home Hop Garden

If you’re still needing to source rhizomes, we maintain a list of suppliers that is generally updated each hop growing season.  See: Grow Your Own Hops – Rhizome Roundup!

Books and Resources: Learn about Hops and Growing Your Own Ingredients:

Free Resources

Books & Resources about Hops

Note that these titles aren’t necessarily focused on growing on planting rhizomes.  They are more about hops in general.

Deals on Hops!

Deal on Bulk Grain

deals on sacks of malt

Deals on Hops!

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