Brand Your Brewery: Save 10% on Keg & Carboy Labels at GrogTag

from GrogTag:

Keg and Carboy Labels

As homebrewers ourselves, we have always been looking for ways to make our lives easier, especially when trying to remember those important details about that one keg of homebrew way in the back of the fridge. Enter: Keg Labels, from GrogTag! Stick ‘em on your kegs, write down the details of your batch in dry erase marker, and bam – instant reminder! They even work well on carboys and other fermenters.

Permanent, durable and easy-to-read, our Keg & Carboy labels allow you to quickly identify what’s fermenting or carbonating, without having to take test samples just to find out.

Customize the info you want to track – even upload a photo.  Whatever you do, just make things easier on yourself, would ya? coupon

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