GrogTag: Introducing Basic Labels

from GrogTag:

More and more GrogTag customers have been asking for the same great labels we always have, but without the neckers (those little strips that go around the neck of the bottle). After much testing and consumption, we have created the Basic Label. Measuring 2.5” x 3.5”, The Basic Label is just like our other great labels – you can peel them off and reuse them, or write on them with wet-erase crayons and wipe them off for future uses – but they come without neckers!

What can you do with our new Basic Labels? Oh, only:
– Label your growlers
– Slap them on your canned beer
– Really dress up you bottle by adding a back label to a main label with a necker
– Use them as name tags for your next company outing
– Got twins? Label them and tell them apart (finally) coupon

4 thoughts on “GrogTag: Introducing Basic Labels

  1. Anonymous

    I am an add exec, and I can tell you that that is definitely a beer belly (sometimes called a keg) with a label on it.. and by putting it on the hair on his belly it negates the idea of reusable (or at lease gives the viewer the anticipation of pain, when it is removed) so I agree, this ad could have been much stronger. They should have put it on a girls {bleeps] so we would have subconsciously wanted to ‘remove them’ – that would have been much stronger and appealed to the mostly male audience (with beer belly’s coincidentally) and prompted more purchases.

    Great product, Too bad the ad sucks. they need to fire their ad team. And kill them.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m no advertising executive, but that is a terrible picture. It does not inspire me to purchase their product nor remember it’s uses.

    I do like the idea of (affordable) reusable tags for my beers….


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