Craft Master CO2 Pressurized Growler – Portable Mini Keg

Craft Master CO2 Pressurized Growler in Red - EcoTraveler
Craft Master CO2 Pressurized Growler in Red – EcoTraveler

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  • Size & Durability - Made from impact resistant stainless steel, with a diameter of just 4.5”, and standing at just 13” tall, this pressurized growler was built with durability and travel in mind!
  • CO2 Regulator Cap - High quality and fully adjustable CO2 regulator cap lets YOU determine how much pressure is desired in your growler. Great for various beer styles or cocktails intended to be stored at different pressures!
  • Color Coded Pressure Gauge - Easy to read for simple pressure management.
  • Pressure Relief & Safety Valve - Easily depressurize your growler when empty without wasting your remaining CO2.
  • Integrated Ball Lock System - Comes with a picnic tap and is ready to utilize any tap or configuration you can imagine using an industry standard ball lock!


Notes from HBF: This 64 ounce growler features a regulator cap and faucet.  It’s basically a portable mini keg.

Craft Master 64oz CO2 Pressurized Growler For Craft Beer & Beverage Enthusiasts – Red – EcoTraveler – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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