Grainfather G30 Electric Brewing System with Connect Controller… $699.99, Save $200 + FREE Graincoat

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The Grainfather is an electric all grain brewing system. Mash temperature is precisely controlled with an electric heating element. A pump recirculates throughout the mashing process ensuring even temperatures. At the end of the mash, The Grainfather becomes your electric brew kettle. The Grainfather includes a counterflow chiller. 8 Gallon system for indoor or outdoor brewing.

About, from MoreBeer: “The Grainfather is an all in one Brewing System with a hefty feature set and an economical price tag. It has a small footprint, but will brew five gallons of beer from all grain using household 120 v power. Mashing takes place in the inner Stainless basket, and recirculates through the perforated plate (also SS!), resulting in great efficiency and clarity. This unit also includes a counterflow chiller for cooling wort post boil.

Use the Connect Control Box in conjunction with the Connect App (and the recipe creator coming soon) for the ultimate brewing experience. The control box has Bluetooth connection to your mobile device so it can be controlled remotely. This allows you to multitask or simply relax while brewing and then be alerted when to return to your next step.”

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GrainFather Connect Features:

  • PID algorithm works in conjunction with a triac for more stable heating and so you can control power output
  • Programmable step mashing
  • Delayed heating – fill your Grainfather with water the night before and wake up to your water at strike temperature ready for brewing straight away
  • Change between Celsius and Fahrenheit easily
  • Waterproof graphic display
  • Use in manual mode or with app

App Features:

  • Grainfather Grain Kit recipes provided in the app
  • Ability to import recipes (Beer XML files) – NOTE: iOS9 and higher
  • Set your own boil temperature (for different altitudes)
  • Change between celsius and fahreheit easily
  • Grainfather calculators provided in app
  • Create recipes on the Grainfather Brewing Community and then sync these with the Connect App to brew
  • NOTE: The android app is currently in development, temporary version available)

App Requirements:

  • iPhone/iPad
    • Hardware: iPhone 4S or higher
    • Software: iOS8 or higher

. Must have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
  • Android (currently in development, temporary version available)
    • Hardware: Android 4.3 (API Level 18) or higher
    • Software: Must have Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)/Bluetooth Smart

GrainFather Features:

  • 304 SS Construction
  • Tempered Glass Lid for mash insulation
  • Mag Drive Pump (6 Watt  1800 rpm)
  • SS Pump Filter
  • Expandable Grain Basket will fit a wide range of grain bills
  • SS Perforated filter for grain basket
  • 1600 Watt Heating Element
  • Temperature Controlled Elements for mash control
  • Insulated Recirculation Pipe
  • 8 US Gal Capacity
  • Includes cleaner
  • Includes CounterFlow Wort Chiller with copper inner coil


Grainfather Sale!

From MoreBeer: Have you been thinking about making the move to All-Grain Brewing? Then you should consider looking at The GrainFather G30, it’s an all in one Brewing System with a hefty feature set and an economical price tag. And it’s currently ON SALE $200 OFF! Or if you’re looking for a little More! power check out the GrainFather G70, which is currently ON SALE for close to $300 OFF!

MoreBeer is also throwing in a free Graincoat insulating jacket with the purchase of a G30 with you use coupon code GFCOAT

Grainfather Sale at MoreBeer!

  • As of this posting, the G30 is included in the mix and marked down a whopping $200 to $699.99
  • Use coupon code GFCOAT to get a FREE Graincoat when you buy a Grainfather G30.
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The GrainFather Connect – Bluetooth Connected All Grain Brewing System (120 v) AG605

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