Freshly Dumped Used Whiskey Barrels from AIH – New 30 Gallon Barrels Available

  • Adventures in Homebrewing has oak barrels starting at 2L and up.
  • As of this posting they’ve just added 30 gallon options.
  • Smaller barrels can be dual purpose: You can age one (or more) batches of still spirits and at that point, the barrel becomes a used whiskey barrel that you can use for beers.
  • Most sizes also qualify for free shipping to addresses in the contiguous US

Oak Barrels at Adventures in Homebrewing

Style Ideas for Barrels from AIH…

The used barrels are perfect for mellowing and enhancing the flavors of darker beers or wines – we recommend a Porter, Imperial Stout, or Cabernet Sauvignon.

These barrels held a 95%+ rye mash bill, are charred on the inside, and add a slightly spicy nuance to your beer, especially when aging a Roggenbier or Dunkel.

These barrels aged rum from Trinidad and Barbados and you can bring that toasted sugar flavor to your next Export Stout, Coffee Stout, or Pumpkin Ale.

Peated Whiskey
These oak barrels are the perfect way to add a complex, roasty campfire flavor to your Belgian Quad, Imperial Red Ale, or Smoked Porter.

Cherry Brandy
Great for holiday ales, full-bodied red wines, jammy fruit-wine, and cider! Add a rounded tart finish to your Dark Cherry Stout, Christmas Ale, or Pinot Noir.

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