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Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter 8.4 Gallon

Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter 8.4 Gallon

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Introducing the Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter. Say goodbye to buckets and other inferior fermenters that are almost impossible to properly clean and sanitize.

Boasting a total volume of 8.4 gallons, this fermenter has enough space to contain even the most vigorous fermentation. Ideal for wine, beer, or even kombucha. Its seamless, smooth interior ensures there is nowhere for bugs to hide.

We’ve included a universal stopper, 3-piece airlock, and the EZ Clean Kettle Valve Kit for quick assembly, cleaning, and pick up within 1/8″ from the bottom of the kettle. Plus, there are no hard-to-sanitize internal kettle threads. The built-in silicone seal and 4 heavy-duty clamps guarantee a secure lid and a perfectly airtight seal for the most discerning vintners and brewers. The heavy-duty construction ensures the Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter will last a lifetime.


304 stainless steel construction
8.4 gallon capacity
Graduated volume marks
EZ Clean Flush Mount Bulkhead
IsoFlow Quick-Release Diptube
Integrated silicone lid seal with heavy-duty clasps
Uses a standard small universal stopper(included), or 6.5 stopper
23″ tall by 12″ diameter (with lid, but no stopper/airlock attached).


  • Austin has been doing very quick flash sales recently. They’ve lasted just hours. If you’re interested, my recommendation is to make your purchase sooner rather than later.
  • These are marked down a whopping $124.99 to… $75!
  • Quantities are also probably limited. No coupon code required, check product page to see if this is still available.

Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter 8.4 Gallon

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If this has sold out or the price has gone up… AIH”s Offering is worth checking out as it seems like both shops offer the same flash deals consecutively.

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