Fermtech Beer Filter Kit

Fermtech Beer Filter Kit - 10" Canister Filter

Fermtech Beer Filter Kit – 10″ Canister Filter

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  • Beer in full technicolor--clean, crisp and crystal-clear.
  • Filtering is used in craft and commercial breweries to give a finishing polish of exceptional clarity. It also aids in the long term stability of the finished beer .
  • System includes: Filter housing, 2 Micron filter cartridges and made In Canada food safe certified tubing, keg connections.
  • The filter housing connects between 2 kegs, and non-carbonated beer is forced (with CO2) from the first keg, through the filter, and into the second keg.
  • Carbon (CTO) and 0.8, 2, 8, Micron Filter Cartidges Avaliable. Look for Fermtech Mini 2 filters.


Fermtech Beer Filter Kit – 10″ Canister Filter – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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