1/4″ Cole Palmer Luer Lock Disconnects + Making a CO2 Utility Line

Cole-Parmer AO-45502-20 Female luer x 1/4" hose barb adapter, Nylon, 25/pk

Luer Locks disconnects are generally used in medical and industrial applications.  Compatible male and female Luer Locks twist together to make a airtight, pressure capable connection.

I use Luer Lock style connectors for a CO2 utility line for my draft system.  That allows me to quickly and easily switch between a number of CO2 utility attachments that I don’t use on a day to day basis.  The reason I chose Luer Locks is that they are generally inexpensive.  You could also use these as a primary disconnect for your CO2 system.

These Luer Locks are made by Cole Parmer.  They feature 1/4″ barbs to connect to compatible tubing.  I asked the manufacturer for the PSI rating of these disconnects.  I was told… “Thank you for your email. the fittings AO-45502-20 and AO-45505-19 are male and female fittings and compatible. The Psi rating for these fittings together is 100PSI”.

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