Distilled Hops Oils – from $4.79 at MoreBeer

distilled hop oil

Distilled Hop Oils via MoreBeer.

About, via MoreBeer: “Distilled hop oil is an amazing new product we are making available to homebrewers. Distilled hop oil varies from other oils in that it is produced from fresh hops, as opposed to dried and processed pellets. Distilled hop oil delivers the same wet hop character that was previously only possible to acquire with the use of freshly harvested hops. The oil is extremely shelf stable, so you can now brew a consistent fresh hop IPA all year long. Extremely volatile, this oil should only be used for aromatic applications; typically applied at bottling/kegging.”  – check each oil description for current details

  • Hop oils are on sale starting at $4.79.
  • Get Free Shipping: Shipping is free with a qualifying $59 order to many US addresses
  • Easy Filler Item….  If you’re looking for a filler item to help you qualify for free shipping, consider grabbing some PBW

Distilled Hop Oils at MoreBeer

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Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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