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From Great Fermentations:


Great Fermentations is proud to give you the ability to order custom grain/malt bills, prepared exactly how you want them! Our website allows you to add individual grains to a specific “Grain Bill” which tells us if you want the grains mixed together or not. You can also tell us if you want them separate from other grains, as well as whether or not they should be crushed. Lastly, we also give you the ability to order individual grains in fractional increments; no need to buy a full pound of something you only need a quarter pound of! We do this all for free as well, with no additional charges to you because we know getting exactly what you need is important for your brew day.


Each grain we sell on the website, comes with a couple of drop down boxes that allow you to choose if you want the grain crushed or not, and which grain bill to add the specific grain to. The Crush Grains option is pretty self-explanatory; select either Yes or No for whether or not you want your grains crushed.

For the Grain Bill option, this is how you tell us how to mix this particular grain with any of the other grain you are purchasing. Have a recipe that calls for some 2-Row and some Crystal 60, and you’d like them both put in one bag together? Then simply choose the Grain Bill 1 option when adding them to the cart. The site gives you the ability to create up to 15 different grain bills. You also have the option of keeping the grains separate by simply selecting that option.


This feature is probably the one we are most happy with on our site, and that is the ability to order grains in increments LESS than a pound. Most other stores only allow you to order in increments of a pound, so that you are often left with extra grain that you don’t need and it goes to waste. Not with us though 🙂

Each grain we sell on the website allows you to input decimal numbers in the quantity field to specify the exact amount of grain you want; no more and no less. Grain quantities are in pounds so enter the decimal amount you need in pounds. Need just a quarter pound of chocolate malt? Then simply put 0.25 in the quantity field (1/4 is a quarter, and equals 0.25). The same goes for larger amounts as well. Need 10 1/2 lbs of 2-Row? Then simply put 10.5 in the quantity field.

NOTE: We can only be accurate up to the hundredth decimal (0.XX). Also for users of software programs like BeerSmith, many of the sub-pound increments are represented as ounces (oz) by default, so make sure to translate those to pounds! If the recipe software calls for 4 oz, that is 1/4 lb. so add 0.25 to the cart. As a reference, there are 16 oz in a lb.

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