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Good used pin locks have been hard to find…  When I started brewing pin locks were cheaper than ball locks, but that has changed. There’s been a real reversal in used keg pricing. Used pin locks have been tough to find in stock, especially at anything close to what I would call a good price. For example, see MoreBeer’s Pin Lock Offering. This is supply related. New pin lock kegs are not coming into the homebrewing market and we’ve finally hit an availability wall. has sourced hard to find refurbished pin lock kegs. Prices for these refurbishe kegs start at $42.74 each when you buy a four pack. Get them while you can!

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Scratch and Dent Ball Locks from

These kegs hold pressure and work fine, but have some more significant dents. They may have a broken handle or loose rubber top or bottom or an excessive amount of labels. These are refurbished ball lock Pepsi Style kegs with all new orings and a manual pull-ring relief valve. Photo shows example kegs, but are priced each.

As of this posting these are on sale for $42.95. Check site for current price & availability.


While you’re placing an order, it’s a great time to try Hopzoil

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