CO2Meter Mini CO2 Monitor

CO2Meter RAD-0301 Mini CO2 Monitor, White

CO2Meter Mini CO2 Monitor

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Mini desktop Co2 monitor
  • 3 different led show current indoor air quality
  • Power via usb port or 120Vac wall plug (wall plug not included)
  • Indicator light alarm levels can be adjusted by user
  • Connect to pc with free software to log Co2 levels over time

The mini CO2 monitor is a low-cost, compact and easy-to-use mini desktop carbon dioxide and temperature meter. It can be used in offices, schools, meeting rooms, homes or ANYPLACE personal comfort and health is important. In addition to monitoring indoor air quality, the mini CO2 monitor can be used to check carbon dioxide levels in indoor grow rooms and greenhouses. The CO2 mini is easy to use: just plug it into a PC USB port or any standard USB power supply (not included) and it will begin to measure air quality instantly. It has no moving parts, and is designed to last for years. Three LEDs – green, yellow and red – show overall air quality instantly, or you can read the CO2 and temperature levels on the large display. Use the free data logging software to connect the mini CO2 monitor to a PC via USB, run the software, and graph changing CO2 levels over time. You can also save the data in spreadsheet format for later analysis.


Potential homebrew application: Monitor and warn kegerator CO2 leaks.

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