Carboy Volume Calibration Decals – from $2.25

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Vinyl decals for marking volumes on your glass or plastic carboy or bucket fermenter

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Inspired by the calibration numbers for the sight glass kits, these larger numbers allow you to calibrate carboys (including Better Bottles) up the the larger 6.5 gallon size. The full gallon marks from 1 to 6 are a full 1″ tall and 1″ wide including the pointer triangles. Six additional 1/2″ tall triangles are and four 1/4″ tall triangles are included if marking 1/2 and 1/4 gallon increments is desired at the upper limits of the range.

These are premium cut vinyl with clear top masking for easy application. The vinyl has an OUTDOOR rating of at least 7 years with a permanent waterproof adhesive. These will stand up to repeated washing and even occasional soaking in water baths. They can be added to any other hardware order for no additional shipping charge or can be purchased alone for the price of a USPS first class shipping.

These decals are available in white or black vinyl. We’ve found that the white is more appropriate for clear carboys since they are contrasted well on light or dark beer. If you are calibrating HDPE natural buckets, the black version would be better. Although the graphic shows the white vinyl on a black background, there is no black in the white vinyl decal. The pictures below are more representative of what the final install will look like.


These are $3 each.  If you buy 4, you’ll automatically receive a 25% discounting making them $2.25 each.  Details on that promotion can be found on the Vinyl Decals landing page.

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