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Cambridge English Dictionary defines “Sesh” as “a period of time spent doing a lot of an enjoyable activity.”. This month’s deal definitely lives up to its namesake Summer Sesh Combo Pack! You will get a brewing Sesh and two tasty beers to enjoy during your other Sesh, be they Fishing, Disc Golf, Camping or whatever you have planned this summer!

First up in the pack is our ObSession IPA! It’s got a great hop aroma & flavor but a low ABV, so you can Sesh during the day and still be awake for those hot summer nights. We recently changed this recipe slightly, making all finishing hops Centennial (rather than a blend between Centennial and HBC-342). We kept the Simcoe® dry hop, though, as we felt this really brought a “pop” to the aroma!

Speaking of those hot summer nights, next up is our Lunar Shock, a Blue Moon® Clone. It’s an American take on the Belgian Witbier style. The wheat and oats provide a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, while sweet orange peel and coriander contribute outstanding citrus flavor and aroma. It’s a perfectly delicious and highly palatable cure for those summertime brews!

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