Buy a 7 Gallon SS Brewtech Chronical Conical Fermenter – get $57 back in rewards

Ss BrewTech - 7 gallon Chronical Conical Fermenter

7 Gallon Chronical Conical Fermenter.  From AIH: “Ss Brewtech’s top notch fermenter: The Chronical. Designed with the same attention on features, fantastic construction, and reasonable price tag as the BrewBucket, but stepped up in every way!”

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

The Chronical has a full 60° cone, terminating in a Full Port 1.5” opening, making dumping trub through the included elbow and ball valve easy! Sanitary TIG welded fittings insure years of rustless contamination free brewing! A Rotating Racking Arm (patent pending) is set mid-way up the cone, allowing for the racking of trub free beer, regardless of how high your trub reaches.

Lid is easy to remove, and sealed in place with a molded silicone gasket. Full capacity to the rim of fermenter is 7 gallons, and with domed lid and a blowoff setup, ferments can go cleanly and effortlessly! Laser Etched Gallon Markers inside denote what volume of brew you are working with. Six spring-loaded Lid Clamps hold the lid in place and can be pressurized to 5 psi.

Sturdy Stainless Steel Legs keep your beer off the ground, and allow for clean and easy access to racking and dump valves. We mentioned these legs are sturdy, and we mean it. They are designed to hold the weight of multiple Chronicals, stacked on top of each other!”

  • Certified Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Patent Pending Stainless Steel Rotating Racking Arm.
  • 7 Gallon Capacity (w/o lid).
  • 60° cone for clean yeast harvesting.
  • 1.5” Tri Clamp bottom with Elbow and 3 piece Ball Valve.
  • Stackable design minimizes footprint and maximizes ferment space!
  • Molded Silicone Gasket for airtight Lid seal.
  • Six Spring-Loaded Lid Clamps hold Lid in place.
  • Pressurizeable to 5 PSI for Transfers.
  • Volume Markers inside for easy volume assessment.
  • TIG Sanitary Welds – Easy to Clean, Long-lasting!
  • 34″ Height x 15″ Width.


MAP = Minimum Advertised Price.  It’s an agreement between sellers and manufacturer’s not to sell an item below a certain price.  SS Brewtech gear is on MAP pricing.  Rewards programs like this are one way to legitimately get a deal on MAP goods.

Stacks With: For a limited time, AIH is giving bonus rewards points based on your purchase total.  Those can add up to an 750 points in rewards on top of the 5% or so you already get.  This qualifies for the full 750.  Add that to the 399 this already earns you and it comes out to 1,149.  That figures to about $57.45 back in rewards toward a future AIH purchase.

Ss BrewTech – 7 gallon Chronical Conical Fermenter | More Info – Bonus Pts at AIH!

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