Brew Hardware HERMS Coil 50′ x 1/2″ 304 Stainless Steel – on sale for $124.99


50′ x 1/2″ HERMS Coil via Brew Hardware.  Made of 304 Stainless Steel

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

YOur HERMS coils are coiled in a local factory using 100% U.S. milled 304SS 1/2″ OD x .035″ wall tubing. Our standard coil diameter is 11.5″ outside diameter and the resulting coil ranges from 51-52 feet long at 10″ tall. Due the the lead in and out stems, the smallest pot diameter it will fit into is 12″ as long as the in/out fittings are above and below the coil.

This coil WILL fit into a converted 1/2BBL keg as long as the hole in the top is at least 12″ in diameter.

As pictured, our coils feature 90 Degree Cross Coil Bends meaning that he leads are bent approximately 90 degrees such that they cross the centerline of the coil. The result is a much easier install as the springiness of the coil allows for movement to line up to the bulkheads with ease. This configuration works with most of the install options you would want. However, if you have an application that would make better use of having the coil ends 90 degrees off axis from the bulkheads, such as using 90 degree compression fittings, you may request that we cut the leads off flush with the coil.

The minimum port to port distance we recommend is 9.5″ but you can stretch the coil to make it up to 14″ if you desire large gaps between coils.

Connectivity options:

First, there are a lot of ways to get a HERMS coil into a vessel and there are pros and cons like any other vessel bulkhead.

1. If you already have 1/2″ couplings welded in, that puts female 1/2″ NPT threads on the inside. You’ll need a pair of 1/2″ NPT x 1/2″ Tube Compression fittings to connect to the tubing.

2. If you are starting with a fresh tank with no holes or fittings, you can drill a pair of 13/16″ holes vertically spaced by 10-12″ and install our True Weldless Bulkheads (you need two) with 1/2″ Compression. This is the easiest and cleanest install possible without soldering or welding.

3. If the pot is unmodified and you would rather weld or solder, the best fitting for the job is the Pull Through Bulkhead with 1/2″ compression (you need two). You will drill a pair of 13/16″ holes, vertically spaced by 10 – 12″, then force the fitting through the hole using our pull through tool. With such a nice tight mechanical bond, they are a breeze to solder with our solder kits or fusion weld with a TIG machine with no (or very little) filler needed.

All these fitting options must be purchased separately as accessories seen on the right.

Note that nylon ferrules work well in locking onto these coils.


As of this posting, Brew Hardware has this on sale for $124.99.  That’s a $14.01 savings.   No Brew Hardware coupon or promo code is required.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.


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