Blichmann BoilerMaker G1 “Slight Cosmetic Defect” Kettles

Blichmann BoilerMaker Kettles at Great Fermentations

If you’ve looked for discounted Blichmann BoilerMaker kettles for very long, you’ll soon learn that they… are few and far between.  Prices on Blichmann gear are standardized.

Great Fermentations has access to a supply of “Slight Cosmetic Damage” BoilerMaker Kettles.

These are a great pickup if you’re looking to get a high quality Boilermaker at a discount and it’s also nice to be able to pick up a matching kettle (if you already have one) while they’re still available.

7.5 and 10 gallon sizes are available.

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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