Beverage Elements: $10 Off Oxygenating Setup – $10 Off $100+ Orders

Oxygenating your brew with control while getting $10 off …is a crowd pleasing warm fuzzy!

Couple reasons it’s so magical:

  • Knows how much Oxygen you’re injecting into your wort with a liter per minute controllable flow rate regulator!
  • Regulator setting 1/32 LPM – 4 LPM
  • Know how much Oxygen is left in your oxygen cylinder with a tank pressure gauge on the regulator.
  • Our refillable Oxygen tank holds approximately 20 times as much O2 as the disposable tank good for approximately 500+ batches of beer! This tank may out live your drinking years…
  • With our 22″ stainless wand you can position the aeration stone exactly where you want it, and it stays sanitized with no clamps, no parts, no rust and no contamination from your fingers.

At $165.95 it’s well worth the investment use coupon code – homebrewfinds – for $10 off $100+ orders.

This promo has expired…

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