BeerSmith 3.1 Mobile Released – Loads of new features + BeerSmith Deals!

From BeerSmith:

BeerSmith 3.1 Mobile Released

I’m happy to announce the BeerSmith Mobile 3.1.8 update has been released for Android, iPhone/IOS and the Amazon app store.

The new BeerSmith Mobile release is a significant improvement over the 3.0 release, with an SQLite storage system, improved editing and menu navigation, improved reliability, new 3.1 brewing features and significant bug fixes.

BeerSmith 3.1 Desktop Update Reminder
As a reminder, the BeerSmith 3.1.08 update is available for all BeerSmith 3 owners. Due to some issues we had with automatic updating on early 3.x versions, this is a manual update so you do need to download and install the new version yourself.

BeerSmith 3.1 adds Tilt data import, improved dry hop options, alternate mash pH models, an improved storage system, and a large number of bug fixes. It is a recommended update for all BeerSmith 3 owners. You can find details and the release notes here or directly download the update to install here.

Other BeerSmith News (from Brad Smith)

  • I also recently published important Yeast and Hop updates for 2020 which you can download as add-ons
  • I’m working on a web based version of BeerSmith at BeerSmithRecipes-com you will be able to access from any web browser. The stand alone tools are available now if you log into a
  • BeerSmithRecipes-com from any Gold+ account. The recipe editor will be released next and then data sync between devices to follow in the phase after that.

For a limited time BeerSmith Mobile is discounted from it’s regular price of $7.99 to $4.99

BeerSmith Deal!

Deals on BeerSmith are generally hard to come by.  Few retailers carry BeerSmith and it’s rarely discounted.  Valuebrew has Basic on sale for $32.95.  The great thing about this version is… it’s a one time purchase, no recurring monthly fees.

BeerSmith 3 Gold Subscription

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