Basic Brewing: Stepping into All Grain DVD

Basic Brewing: Stepping into All Grain

Basic Brewing: Stepping Into All Grain DVD.

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Don’t Be Intimidated by Grain!

All grain brewing can be an intimidating process. There are new procedures to master, new terms to learn, and new pieces of equipment to buy or build. But all grain brewing is like a lot of things – it’s easier once you know how to do it, and this video will show you how.

In this DVD, James Spencer, award-winning brewer and host of the Basic Brewing Radio and Basic Brewing Video podcasts, teams with fellow brewer Steve Wilkes. James and Steve take you through the stages of all grain brewing from milling the grain to collecting the wort. They’ll show you what equipment you need and how to use it.

This video is designed to be used by brewers who already know how to brew using extracts, but those who are new to brewing will learn a lot, too.

Innovative Non-linear DVD Navigation

This DVD uses a non-linear approach, enabling you to choose between infusion mashing or step mashing and then batch sparging or continuous sparging. You get to chart your own course through the video. Of course, you can use the chapter list at any time to go back to any section you want to see again.


Basic Brewing: Stepping into All Grain – DVD

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