Announcing: White Labs Ultra Ferm – for Brut IPAs & lower final gravity beers

From William’s Brewing:

Ultra Ferm for Brut IPA

White Labs has packaged a convenient form of amyloglucosidase enzyme used in reducing the finishing gravities of wort. Essential for the product of dry Brut IPA, this can be added at the beginning of the mash for grain brewers, or at the start of ferment for extract brewers.

We recently had a Hazy IPA ferment that started at 1.066 and ended at 1.017. We added Ultra Ferm to the 1.017 wort, and within 8 days the gravity had dropped to 1.000.

Are you looking for a dry beer with a low final gravity? Ultra-Ferm is an enzyme containing amyloglucosidase for use in producing dry beers. This 10 ml vial can be added at the beginning of the mash, and also at the start of the ferment with your yeast when brewing extract beers.

Perfect for making Brut IPA’s and dry beer styles.

White Labs Ultra Ferm

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