Announcing: ThermoWorks HygroBug Temperature & Humidity Meter

HygroBug™ Temperature & Humidity Meter

HygroBug™ Temperature & Humidity Meter from ThermoWorks

Accurate Temperature & Humidity
Reliable temperature readings to ±0.9°F and RH accuracy to ±3%.

Cycle through the highest and lowest data points for temperature and humidity with a simple button push.

Large Auto-Rotating Display
Easily see your temperature and humidity data on its large, 180° auto-rotating display. Press the button to activate the backlight.

Convenient Size
Rugged and water-resistant (IP66), HygroBug is built to go with you anywhere. Carry it in your pocket using the convenient pocket clip or around your neck with the included lanyard.

Verified Accuracy
Each HygroBug comes with its own NIST-traceable calibration certificate, verifying the accuracy of both the temperature and humidity sensors.

Always know the temperature and humidity of the world around you when you use the HygroBug Pocket Ambient Temperature and Humidity Meter.

Trust HygroBug to deliver superior data to ±0.9°F temperature accuracy and ±3% RH accuracy. See everything near or far on its large, 180° auto-rotating display. Each button press cycles through Max readings, Min readings, and back to measuring mode.

Carry HygroBug with you using its convenient pocket clip or neck lanyard and use it indoors and outdoors without worry because it has ThermoWorks patented splashproof housing design and construction.

For homebrew use!

You can use this to track the temperature of your kegerator or fermentation chamber. It has a min/max function that is handy for keeping track of overall trends and it also has a hygrometer functionl.  That shows % relative humidity and could be handy for judging whether your Eva Dry (or similar) needs recharged for the purpose of handling excess kegerator and fermentation chamber wetness.  See: Damp Kegerator? Fix Kegerator Condensation

HygroBug™ Temperature & Humidity Meter

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