$50 Off Kegland Benchy Sparkling – Chilled Carbonated Water on Demand

Benchy Sparkling

Benchy Sparkling

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Benchy Sparkling is the answer for instant chilled and carbonated water water on demand. Simply connect tap water and a CO2 Cylinder with Regulator to the unit and dispense unlimited sparkling and chilled water .

Using the regulator, you are able to adjust and really dial in carbonation levels to your specific taste preferences which you are unable to do on other similar systems on the market.

Basic Setup Is As Follows*

Plug into the wall

Fill internal water tank

Connect house water supply

Connect CO2 Cylinder and Regulator (not included)

Attach beer faucets (not included)

Pour chilled sparking water in one hour or less.

*Ensure that the unit is installed and operated according to the instruction manual which can be found by clicking here.

Fully Adjustable – The Benchy Sparkling has integrated (centigrade only) digital temp controller so you can control the temperature from 0.5C and up to 10C (from 33° to 50° F.) You can also vary the carbonation level from 0.5 volumes to over 5 volumes for super bubbly water.

Cooling Performance – The Benchy Sparkling is able to chill about 5 gallons of sparkling water per hour (based on ambient water and air temperature of 68° F). To further increase the capacity of this unit you can pre-chill the house water supply either by a holding tank (Keg) in the fridge or a G40 Chiller. If you pre-chill the tap water supply you can double the output of the Benchy Sparkling.


Height: 19”
Width: 12”
Depth: 21” (Excluding sight glass that can be removed)
Refrigerant: r600a – (80grams)
Cooling Power: 600watts, 110 volts.
Power Consumption: 290w (idle power consumption less than 5 watts)
Capacity: about 25L per hour (based on 68° F. ambient temperature)
Input Gas: CO2 30 to 50 PSI (8mm (5/16) OD Tube)
Input Water: Must be (15psi) higher than gas pressure (6.35mm (1/4″) OD Tube)
Sparkling/Chilled Water Out: 8mm (5/16″) OD Tube

IMPORTANT: This is a complex product with many configuration options. We highly recommend you read the product instructions before ordering. Click here for instructions.

Other recommended accessories:

1 x C02 Gas Cylinder

1 x MK4 Gas Regulator

1 x EvaBarrier 4mm ID by 8mm OD Tubing
1 x 3mm by 6mm EvaBarrier Water Tubing
Water Supply Valve for icemaker that takes ¼” tubing (get at a hardware store)
1 x DuoTight InLine Regulator

1 x DuoTight 8mm Check Valve

2 x Nukatap Flow Control Faucets


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Benchy Sparkling

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Price, promotions and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability. tag:watchan Announcing: Kegland Benchy Sparkling – Chilled Carbonated Water On Demand  11.13.23

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