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JetKeg Keg Backpack

JetKeg Keg Backpack via William’s Brewing

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The JetKeg is a backpack designed to dispense and keep a keg cold. Ever been to an outdoor event and wanted to serve beer on the go? The JetKeg solves this problem. Keep in mind a full keg is very heavy, and we consider this more of a portable draft system than a back pack. The best use of this unit is to carry it in like a backpack, and then set it up for dispensing. Using a 2½ gallon keg would take a bit of load off, and make this more portable.

This product has been designed with durable buckles, strong nylon straps, waist strap and fully hot tape seamed internal lining that is waterproof so no dripping water all over the floor. This product has been designed to take a 5 gallon ball lock or 5 gallon Sankey commercial keg (pony keg) which are not included. The insulated bag will keep the keg cold for hours especially if you fill the bag with ice. A clear window is provided if you would like to stick print out a graphics sheet and insert it for brand or club identity.

The JetKeg includes the back pack, as well as a Duotight beer gun, EvaBarrier beer hose, and needed Duotight fitting to attach the EvaBarrier hose to the base of the gun. You provide a ball lock or sankey keg, couplers or ball lock fittings, and a Micro or Mini Regulator with gas line and fittings. It does come with a beer line neoprene insulating sleeve, although we have found it of questionable value, as you have to cut it in at least 3 pieces to get it to fit over the EvaBarrier beer line.

If you want a ball lock package with everything you need, see our item B77, JetKeg Dispensing Kit

Note: Pictured regulator and gas hose not included.

JetKeg Keg Backpack

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