Announcing: BrewBuiilt Digital Electric BrewSculpture V4 – high quality electric homebrew system

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from MoreBeer:

The Ultimate Electric Brewhouse!

If you attended the National Homebrewers Conference this year, you got to see this awesome new system first hand! Our BrewBuilt R&D team took everything that made the Digital BrewSculpture V4 the top choice of professional brewers for a pilot system and made it all electric! Get ready to take your brewing into the 21st century and check out the new BrewBuilt Digital Electric BrewSculpture today!

What Sets the Low Rider Digital Electric BrewSculpture™ Apart?

  • Only system with a heavy-duty, purpose-built, welded stainless frame as standard.
  • Only system with digital touch screen as standard.
  • Only system with delayed start – heat your water in advance!
    Only system with programmable mash steps on touch screen.
  • Only system using top-of-the-line convoluted coil (HERMS) for the quickest temp increases while still being gentle.
  • Only system with an oversized Hot Liquor Tank to speed up brew day.
  • Only system with built-in safety floats that protect your elements from running dry.
  • Welded fittings for a lifetime of easy-to-clean, leak-free performance.
  • Ultimate Sparge Arm reduces hot side aeration.
  • Unique SlingBlade™ heating element designed to create asymmetrical rolling boil and remains out of the way for stirring.
  • The SlingBlade™ element inserts through a T.C. opening, allowing for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Keep sparge water warm while preheating the boil.

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Foam on Beer Detectors, or FOBs, are commonly used in commercial draft systems as a way to eliminate product waste and increase profits. When a keg completely empties and foam passes into the FOB it will shut off flow and in doing so keep the draft line completely full of beer until a new keg is tapped. This means you can hook a fresh keg and continue pouring without foaming issues, preventing you from wasting beer that is otherwise needed to refill the line and purge the system.

The FOB can also be used in homebrewing applications as a convenient way to purge kegs of oxygen. Check out video below where our friend Kee repurposes the FOB to move sanitizer from one keg to another and purge the keg of oxygen in the process.

Comes with 3/8″ Duotight compatible barbs at the inlet and outlet, allowing you to easily hook up EVABarrier tubing with either a 9.5 mm joiner or 9.5 mm to 8 mm reducer (DUO113 / DUO105). If not using EVABarrier, simply clamp the line directly onto the barb.

Setup and Use:

  • Attach beverage line from outlet of keg coupler to straight inlet of FOB.
  • Attach beverage line from elbow outlet of FOB to faucet shank.
  • Connect fresh keg and push down purge button until the chamber fills with beer.
  • Push bottom knob in to lift float then pull out for normal operation.

To learn more and purchase your BrewBuilt Digital Electric BrewSculpture, click here

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