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beer service mastery

From Homebrew Academy:

What is Beer Service Mastery?

A complete Cicerone’s Study guide.

Josh is a Certified Cicerone, BJCP Grand Master Beer Judge, consultant to Award-Winning Breweries, and has earned medals himself in every BJCP category. Every. Single. One.

Who better to learn the skills you need to pass that exam from? I can’t think of anyone else.

You are not going to want to miss this. This course is packed with exactly what you need to know to confidently pass that exam.

How do you get experience to pass an exam, if you need to pass it to get experience? This is how. Training from a long time, knowledgeable professional in the space. And at an extreme early-bird discount too.

After we add additional training based on the feedback from the early bird course grads (like you?) – the price will go up. So this will be the absolute lowest price on this great training from none other than Josh Weikert.

All designed to help you ace that serving course the first time. And, of course, you’ll get access to any new information that we add, for life

Beer Service Mastery

More About Josh

Why learn from Josh?

  1. BJCP Grand Master Beer Judge
  2. Certified Cicerone
  3. Consultant to Award-winning Breweries
  4. Has earned medals in every BJCP category
  5. Speaks at some awesome Beer Events.
  6. Two-time Eastern Pennsylvania Homebrewer of the Year

Josh Weikert took up homebrewing in 2007 as a way to stay sane during graduate school. He is a founding member of the Stoney Creek Homebrewers, has medaled in every BJCP beer category, is a BJCP Grand Master Judge and Certified Cicerone, and was twice the Eastern Pennsylvania Homebrewer of the Year.

His writing is featured in several brewing publications including Beer Connoisseur, Brew Your Own and Craft Beer & Brewing, and he leads a double life as the jet-setting author of the Beer Simple blog (

Josh is a regular speaker and presenter on a wide range of beer and brewing topics at conferences, homebrew club meetings, and backyard barbecues. He is also professor of politics and lives in Philadelphia, PA with his wife, Barbara (also an award-winning brewer), and their dog Biscuit (not yet an award-winning brewer).


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