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1/2" NPT 3 Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Stainless Steel Full Port Ball Valve from Adventures in Homebrewing

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Stainless 3 piece, full port ball valve can be completely disassembled, and features all food grade materials. A locking sleeve on the handle can be engaged to lock this valve closed if desired. 1/2″ female NPT threads on both sides.

If you would like to add barb and close nipple to make a full assembly, please see options below.
Perfect to put a shut off on any part of your brew system


1/2″ NPT 3 Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve

33% Off Cider Kits!

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Mangrove Jack’s Cider Kits

Limited Availability Imperial L25 Hygge Lager Yeast

imperial l25 hygge yeast

Crispy lager lovers, rejoice! Back by popular demand, Imperial’s L25 Hygge (hyoo-guh) is back for a limited time! This northern European lager used complements significant hop additions in styles like pilsners, and the cooler weather is the perfect time to get a lager batch brewing. There’s nothing better than settling into the warmth and comfort of the season than a cold lager with friends by the fire, and this crisp offering will bring those vibes!

Imperial Yeast’s Pitch Right pouches are jam-packed with 200 billion fresh yeast cells, guaranteed to deliver flawless, fast fermentations, every time. We are excited to carry a lineup of their revolutionary liquid yeasts that boast a higher cell count than other brewing yeasts. Their yeasts are grown by a team of pro brewers and homebrewers in Portland, Oregon, who live to help brewers learn more and ferment better. Imperial Yeast is also the only homebrew yeast that’s USDA-certified.

Imperial Yeast L25 Hygge Lager Yeast – Seasonal Limited Release

Brand New Ball Lock Kegs – on sale for $99.98: keg sale

Brand New 5 Gallon Gallon Ball Lock Kegs from Adventures in Homebrewing

I have this great keg.  Check out my Hands on Review

  • As of this posting, AIH has these on sale for $99.98.
  • No coupon code required.

AIH New 5 Gallon Corny Keg Ball Lock

Corny Keg Fermenter Lids – convert kegs to fermenters – on sale for… $11.98

ferment in keg

Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid via Adventures in Homebrewing.

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

By popular demand, we now have a brand new version of the Secondary Fermentation lid.

What a great way to use your corny keg as a secondary fermenter! Simply replace your existing lid with this lid to turn your keg into a secondary fermentation vessel!

These lids have an approximate 3/4″” inch port hole (may vary by 1/8″”) for an airlock, bung and lid o-ring (included).

They will not fit Racetrack kegs.


These have a hole that’s designed to accommodate the included stopper and airlock.  That allows you use a Cornelius Keg as a fermenter.  Use a 5 gallon keg as a secondary for a 5 gallon batch, use a 5 gallon keg as a primary fermenter for smaller batches or use a 10 gallon Cornelius Keg as a fermenter for 5 gallon+ batches.

These should fit standard ball lock and pin lock kegs.

I have two 10 gallon kegs that I use as primaries.  This allows you to do quite a few things including, easily transfer under pressure, ferment under pressure, carbonate in the primary fermenter and carbonate and serve from the primary (with a cut off dip tube).

Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid

Clearance Sale

20% Off Spring Seasonal Wine Kits:

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Spring Wine Kit Sale!

15 Gallon Kettle Deal!

15 Gallon 1 Weld Volume Marked Brew Pot
15 gallon stainless steel kettle from Adventures in Homebrewing

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

15 gal Marked Pot with One weld

18 gauge with one 1/2″ NPT welded female coupling. Perfect for a 1/2″ ball valve assembly on the outside and a bazooka screen on the inside.

Pot measures approximately 16″ (diameter) by 19″ (height) and weighs just under 10 lbs

Inner Dimensions are 15 3/4″ wide x 18 3/4″ high

The inside of the pot features 1/4 gallon markings from 1/4 gallon to 14 gallons


Features a welded full 1/2″ NPT port.  That means no drilling your kettle and no messing with weldless kits.  Full port means you can install a ball valve on the outside and a pickup tube or screen on the inside.

As of this posting AIH has this on clearance for just $41.93. That’s a whopping $98.06 off list. Get it while you can.

15 Gallon 1 Weld Volume Marked Brew Pot

Kettle Sale!

Gigawort® Electric Brew Kettle

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Want to brew a quick batch without dragging out the gear? Got an extra hour on a weeknight and want to make the most of it? Limited brew space got you down? The Gigawort™ is the answer.

This fully portable electric brew kettle uses a standard 120 GFCI volt outlet, enabling you to brew anywhere, anytime. A fully integrated digital control ensures that steeping grains are always kept at the perfect temperature. Then simply adjust the set temperature to achieve a boil.

Gigawort 4.4 gallon capacity is ideal for both small batches and also partial-volume boils for 5 gallon batches. Full stainless steel construction is easy to clean and ensure durability.

The Gigawort utilizes our revolutionary patent-pending Iso-flow bulkhead and dip tube, which makes for trouble-free wort transferring, eliminating the need to lift and pour the wort into your fermentor. Ditch the stove and create your own custom brew cave anywhere you have an outlet.


Electric kettle, useful for steeping and boiling extract & partial mash recipes.
4.4 gallon capacity
Dual element, 1600W for heating to boiling, 600W for maintaining boil
Double walled construction for better heat retention
304 stainless steel construction
Digital temperature controller
Delayed Start feature, 3.5 hour shut-off to prevent total evaporation and safety.
EZ Clean bulkhead and valve for easy cleaning and assembly. No need for siphoning
Dimensions: 19.75″ high x 10.75″ in diameter


  • AIH is discounting select brew kettles by up to 50%.
  • Choose from Edelmetall Bru, Brewers Best, Megapot and More

AIH Kettle Clearance!

The sale includes Gigawort. It’s marked down 30% to just $209.97.

Gigawort® Electric Brew Kettle

Clearance Sale

Free shipping offers apply to addresses in the contiguous US sale

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