8 x Sous Vide Magnet Weights to Weigh Down Hop Sacks

Sous Vide Weights

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  • EVEN COOKING SOLUTION - 8 pack of red silicone covered sous vide magnets keeps sous vide bags fully submerged for efficient, even cooking. No more under cooked meat or vegetables
  • EASY TO USE - simply use your sous vide magnets, one on the inside and one on the outside to keep your food pinned to the wall of your container.
  • UNIVERSAL – Compatible with all Sous Vide circulators and containers; aluminium, glass, stainless steel and polycarbonate. Each magnet has dimensions of 1.26 in (diameter) x 0.4 in (thickness).
  • BEST SOUS VIDE IMMERSION By using your weights you will cook your food fully and evenly.
  • HIGH QUALITY & FOOD SAFE – Durable, BPA free silicone coated and heat resistant up to 413 °F with a high magnetic density ensures your sous vide bags remain in place every time


Food use appropriate weights are confusingly difficult to find. I’ve reached out to multiple stainless ball bearing manufacturers and had no success in finding one that offers food grade products.

The pictured Sous Vide weights are generally intended for use in sous vide cooking. However, they look like they would work well to weigh down hop sacks.

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