55 lb Sack Viking Pale Cookie Malt AND 1 lb Centennial … $69.98 + Free Shipping

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Viking Pale Cookie Malt is produced by roasting high quality pilsner malt. The amylolytic activity of Cookie Malt is negligible. As its name stands Pale Cookie Malt contributes very mild and pleasant toasted cookie flavor and aromas with maltiness in it. Sweetness in this malt is rather low.

Viking Pale Cookie Malt can be included in grist for any beer where nice golden color and typical mild toasted flavors are favored. Already with rather low dosage portions the effect on flavor can be noted. Typical dosage rate of Pale Cookie Malt is normally under 25%.

In 2016 Viking Malt and Danish Malting Group joined forces to better serve their customers. Now the new Viking Malt is the leading malting company in Northern Europe and supply raw materials and services to the global brewing, distilling and food industries. Viking Malt has 6 malthouses in areas where our distinctive Nordic barley is sourced: in Halmstad, Sweden; Vordingborg, Denmark; Lahti, Finland; Panevezys, Lithuania and in Sierpc and Strzegom, Poland. The annual malting capacity is close to 600 kilotons.

Malt Specification:

Moisture % – max. 6.0
Extract fine % dm – min. 75.0
Color °L – 8.1-11.8


Viking Pale Cookie Malt

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