SiS Growler & Glass Cleaner

Growler & Glass Cleaner

Growler & Glass Cleaner

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  • VERSATILE: The SIS Growler & Glass Cleaner is the perfect home brewery powder cleaning detergent to clean any and all growlers and glasses. From stainless steel, glass, ceramic and more, the Growler and Glass cleaner is fit to use for its sanitization.
  • HEAVY DUTY: No worries necessary when it comes to any leftover organic soils. The Growler & Glass Cleaner takes care of oils and a multitude of organic soils, even lipstick, leaving your growler and glasses as good as new and ready to safely use again.
  • LOW-FOAMING: Keep cleanup easy and stress-free with our low-foaming G&G Cleaner. Tough enough to work through any leftover oils and organic soils, but does not create an extra mess. Spend less time cleaning and more time getting ready for your next brew.
  • LONG-LASTING AND HARD-WORKING: Our Growler and Glass Cleaner formula is made for a little to go a long way for an even longer amount of time. Use the G&G Cleaner time and time again to penetrate and remove tough organic soils with effortless ease.
  • MADE IN USA: Sweetwater Innovative Solutions uphold products to the highest standard of quality, ensuring the finest brew. Proudly manufactured in a LEED Gold Certified facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, the SIS products are sustainable and excellent.


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