50 lb Sack Briess MaltGems™ Pilsen Malt – $45.99 AND Free Ship Eligible

Briess MaltGems™ Pilsen Malt (50 lb Sack) GS307

Briess MaltGems™ Pilsen Malt (50 lb Sack) via MoreBeer

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1.8 °L – Briess MaltGems™ is crafted by removing the majority of husk, fine grit, and flour from Synergy Select Pilsen Malt. What remains after this process is the Heart of the Malt that can be lautered like a traditional brewer’s grind to deliver exceptional performance. This innovative product reveals true malt flavors without bitter, astringent qualities present with other malts, which is only possible through elimination of husk-based polyphenols. Synergy Select Pilsen Malt is a true European-style Pilsen Malt, which is rich in flavor, high in extract, and low in protein with moderate enzymes and FAN. MaltGems™ Pilsen Malt has a balanced taste with notes of bread, cracker, and honey, along with a remarkably clean finish.

Features & Benefits:

Clean malt flavor resulting from husk removal
Exceptional lautering & performance
Crafted from premium European-style Pilsen Malt
Well-rounded base malt flavor
Moderate enzymes & FAN for control & consistency
High extract due to Synergy Select Pilsen Malt base
Allows 20% greater grist loading for increased throughput & higher gravity options due to lack of flour & water-binding husk
AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row Synergy barley
Malt Specifications:

Moisture % – max. 4.4
Extract fine % – dm min. 83.3
Color °L – 1.8
Protein % dm – max. 10.9


Briess MaltGems™ Pilsen Malt (50 lb Sack) GS307

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