304 Stainless Steel Clip on Trub Guard from Brew Hardware – $10


CLIP-ON TRUB GUARD via Brew Hardware

From the description: “Keep most of that trub out of your drain without a filter device.

This is a slight reconfiguration of our heat shield assembly that allows clipping to the side of a kettle dip tube to keep your pile of trub away from the exit point. This is especially useful when you whirlpool your boiled wort to make a neat pile in the center of the pot. That pile usually stays put until it becomes exposed to air and then it collapses and falls towards the sidewalls of your pot. This simple clip on guard will stay in place during the whole boil and keep most of the trub out of the pickup at the end of the draining process.

We position the clip for best fit on our truebulkheadelbarb but it will also work with a street elbow threaded into a welded coupling bulkhead that acts as a mini diptube.

The 3″ high x 5″ wide stainless plate should be touching the bottom of the pot for best results. The plate and clip are 304 stainless steel.”


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2 thoughts on “304 Stainless Steel Clip on Trub Guard from Brew Hardware – $10

  1. Nathan

    Like the idea but doesnt work with 1.5 tri clamp which makes it mute for me sadly. Wish more companies would transition over to those types of connections instead of the ancient /cheaper versions.


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