3 Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve, 1/2″ NPT via Brew Hardware – $12.99

Discounted 3 Piece Ball Valve via Brew Hardware.  From the description: “This is a high quality, medium weight, stainless (304SS) 3-piece body with a non-restricting “full port” ball and 1/2″ NPT female threads on both ends. Use them on your boil kettle, HLT, mash tun, pumps, etc.

NOTE that the this item is for our clearance stock. They are made of the same quality materials as our standard stock of 3pc ball valves but manufacturing tolerances make the handle SLIGHTLY harder to operate. In other words, it takes a little more force to turn than our normal stock. Keep in mind that they are still easier to turn than the valves on many high end kettles but we just don’t feel right mixing them in with our smooth-as-butter stock. If you don’t mind a stiffer operation for your application, you save!”  [keep reading]

As of this posting, these are marked down to $12.99.  Based on the wording of the product offering, my guess is these are limited availability.  Check product page for current price and availability.



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