German Style 2L Swing Top Growler – $25.99, Limited Supply

Fancy Widemouth Brown Swing Top Growler - 2 L GL520

German Style Swing top Growler from MoreBeer

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A growler with style! Your friends will be impressed before you ever crack the lid. ‘What is a growler?’ you ask – typically it is a plain 1 gallon glass jar with a screw cap that is used to store, move and serve your draft beer. The growler is filled from the tap (we suggest filling a cold growler from the bottom with a section of 1/2″ id tubing connected to your faucet) and then transporting to friends. This is much easier than moving a whole keg, and it limits your friends consumption of your homebrew!

This ancient looking, german-styled model, is certainly the Rolls Royce of growlers. Have you ever ridden in a Rolls Royce? I haven’t, but I imagine this growler will deliver you that same type of high-roller experience without those annoyingly spendy maintenance costs.

A #10 Stopper fits in the opening.


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This is one of the first nice growlers that I purchased and I still love it. It’s very well built and looks great.

2L Brown Swing Top Growler GL520

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3 thoughts on “German Style 2L Swing Top Growler – $25.99, Limited Supply

  1. Dave

    I have one from Hangar 24. I can see how some might not like them but I like it and the two places I take mine to be filled have their taps a little higher than normal.

  2. Hugh Janus

    I’ve spoken with a few employees at various breweries, taprooms and pubs – this style growler is, by far, their least favorite to fill. The height makes it difficult to fit under some faucets, the wide handle means it won’t fit into a standard plastic bucket (to catch overflow) and the porcelain stopper easily chips. But it’s very nice looking.

    1. admin Post author

      I have one and I love it. It’s well made and (I think) rated for pressure (which few glass growlers really are). I get the difficulty filling though. If you didn’t have the height under your taps, it could be a problem. Also the narrow neck results in a quick fill at the end which could cause overflowing.


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