Announcing: ThermoWorks ThermoPop 2! 1/10th Digit Rotating Display, Backlight and More

ThermoPop® 2 by ThermoWorks

  • Auto-Rotating 1 ¼-Inch Backlit Display
    Use your left or right hand in any position—even upside-down—and the extra-large motion-sensing display automatically rotates right-side-up.
  • Super-Fast® Readings: 2-3 Seconds
    Increase your efficiency with added measurement speed. Just right for line checks, grilling, BBQ, frying, or anything else requiring high performance.
  • Verified Accuracy to Within ±1°F (±0.5°C)
    A tight accuracy window means more precise control of your cook. A NIST-traceable calibration certificate verifies accuracy to national standards.
  • Waterproof: IP67 Rating
    Use your ThermoPop 2 without worrying about spills, splashes, or even temporary submersion in water.
  • NSF Certified
    Certifies that ThermoPop 2 conforms to the requirements of NSF/ANSI 2 – Food Equipment.

Thoughts From HBF…

The ThermoPop 2 offers 1/10th digit display which is a massive improvement over the ThermoPop 1. It also features an auto-rotating backlit display and super fast 2-3 second response times and… it’s rated IP67 waterproof.

I would say that this bridges the gap between the Classic Thermapen and the Thermapen ONEReview. In some ways it clearly exceeds the capabilities of the Classic Thermapen and at a much lower price.

If you’re looking for a super high quality thermometer backed by ThermoWorks and the Thermapen ONE is out of your price range, this is a great option.

ThermoPop® 2

Also: Thermapen ONE

Price, promotions and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability.

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