20 Piece DeWalt Deep Well Socket Set – includes 7/8″ and 11/16″ sizes [for ball lock keg posts]

DEWALT Deep Socket Set, 20-Piece, 3/8″ Drive Metric/SAE (DWMT73812)

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Highlighted Features
  • SAE & Metric Socket Set Comes with Lockable Stacking Cases
  • Deep Socket Set 3/8 Drive Has Durable Transparent Lid
  • Knurled Beauty Rings help reduce slippage for hand tightening applications for the mechanic socket set.
  • Exceeds ANSI Specifications
  • Removable Internal Tray
  • DirectTorque Technology


Standard Ball Lock keg posts come in two sizes 11/6″ and 7/8″.

From what I can gather this set includes both 11/6″ and 7/8″ sizes. Also, from what I can gather these look like 6 point sockets. Not 100% sure on that. If that is the case it may limit the usefulness of the 7/8″ socket, See: Homebrew Keg Post Sizes – Ball Lock & Pin Locks

DEWALT Deep Socket Set, 20-Piece, 3/8″ Drive Metric/SAE (DWMT73812)

– note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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