Last Call: Outstanding Deal… Complete All Grain Brewing Setup – $189.95, Save Over $100 w/Stacking Deals

Cooler Brew All Grain Brewing Equipment Kit.  10 Gallon Mash Tun, 10 Gallon HLT & Lots More

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Starting your all-grain homebrewing journey has never been easier nor more affordable! This Cooler Brew All Grain Brewing Equipment Kit is the perfect way to brew your best beers and perfect your own personal recipes. This kit includes TWO over sized (11.7 Gallon capacity) 10-gallon batch custom coolers (mash tun and hot liquor tank), a high quality stainless steel false bottom, stainless steel ball valves and adapters, premium high temperature tubing with siphon spray wort aerator, and all the barbs and fittings you need for your brew day.

This Premium kit includes:

  • Oversized coolers for brewing 10 gallon batches (may not reach 10 gallons on very large grain bill recipes)
  • Both Hot Liquor Tank and Mash tun utilize the 11.7 gallon coolers (Some system on the market use a smaller size cooler for Hot Liquor Tank
  • 304 Stainless Steel valves and Nipples! Don’t settle for brass valves in your brewing system.
  • Stainless steel false bottom included.
  • Bulkheads come installed, just screw the valves into the threaded bulkheads and you are ready to go!
  • Top notch coolers have screw on tops for maximum seal and safety. They also have recessed handles for more compact storage.
  • We include high temperature hose with spray nozzle for even distribution during your sparge.


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  • This setup is included in the mix and on sale for just $199.95
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Cooler Brew All Grain Brewing Equipment Kit

Step by Step Video Walkthrough – Brewing All Grain with this setup!

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