🍺 DigiBoil Electric Kettles Back In Stock – Electric Brew Kettle, HLT or complete eBIAB System


From MoreBeer:

35L/9.25G DigiBoil Electric Kettles Back In-Stock!

These amazingly priced electric kettles just hit both our west & east coast warehouses and our ready to ship! The Digiboil is the perfect kettle for an extract brewer who wants to move towards electric brewing. With it’s 9 gallon size and digital temperature control you can perform full boil batches no problem. The integrated stainless steel ball valve allows you to easily transfer your wort and save you from any heavy lifting.

The Digiboil also works great as an electric HLT or a complete eBIAB system! Use it to preheat your strike or sparge water to a precise temperature. Pair it with a pump and heat exchanger to use it for HERMS brewing with your current mash tun. Or slap on a still top lid and condenser for distilling! With so many ways to use the DigiBoil, and an affordable price tag to boot, it’s hard not to get excited about this ultra versatile electric kettle!

DigiBoil Electric Kettle – 35L/9.25G (110v) BE501

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