Stainless Steel Mason Jar Fermentation Kit – 4 Lid Sets – fermented foods & yeast starters

Fermentation Kit for Wide Mouth Jars – 4 Airlocks, 8 Silicone Grommets, 4 Stainless Steel Wide mouth Mason Jar Fermenting Lids with Silicone Rings

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  • KIT INCLUDES: 4 BPA free water airlocks; 4 Stainless steel(18/8) Wide mouth Lids with Silicone Rings; 4 Silicone Grommets.Warning--DO NOT sterilizing the plastic airlocks with boiling water but warm water
  • FITS WIDE MOUTH JAR: Fit 3.38 in (86 mm) Outer Diameter Mouth Jars. Fit small 4oz wide mouth jars all the way to large 64oz wide mouth jars
  • Easily using. 14mm hole instead of 13mm, can easily insert airlock in lid without damage the silicon grommet.
  • Extra silicone grommets The set include extra silicone grommets.
  • One year free Guarantee- if any small parts damaged during delivery, we can change into new one within one year.


You should be able to use these as lids/airlocks for yeast starters made in compatible wide mouth jars and for yeast storage.

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Jillmo Fermentation Kit, Stainless Steel Fermenting Kit for Wide Mouth Mason Jars (Jars Not Included) – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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  1. barrooze

    Keep in mind, for yeast starters, you WANT oxygen to be introduced to feed the yeast and allow them to propogate. The airlocks prevent this from occurring. Using just sanitized foil over the mason jar openings would work great.


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