Cider Drink It Make It Cook with It Kindle Edition

Cider Drink It Make It Cook with It Kindle Edition

Cider Drink It Make It Cook with It Kindle Edition

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A brilliant book about the world of cider. It covers cider in history, cider in literature, cooking with cider, cider and your health, apples and their origin and there’s even a section on which apples you should grow and, what many of us have been waiting for, recipes to make alcoholic cider in the home with no special equipment.

Reviews: ‘This book is a great mix of everything to do with cider – from the author’s own life and research, travelling around the world to discover the history and cultures of making and drinking cider, to reviews of different drops, including from his own highly successful farm in the South Australian countryside, to instructions on how to make your own. The author’s entertaining, friendly style is highly engaging, so much so that even if you didn’t think much about cider before reading it, you’ll at least come away better informed, probably with a smile on your face, and likely newly converted to one of the oldest – and still highly popular – alcoholic drinks in the world.’

‘This is a thoroughly enjoyable book. Everything you ever wanted to know about cider and cider culture. After reading this book I couldn’t wait to get some fermenting going on and in the mean-time start exploring the types of cider we have in America.’

‘This book provides a very interesting and entertaining romp around the cider world. It is unpretentious and deals with a large range of cider types and aspects. However, it is not about the weak fizzy commercial stuff. Thorogood focuses on real cider brewed from real apples with none of the commercial trickery. If you want to travel the cider world from the comfort of your reading chair, then this book is for you. The bonuses include some tips for making cider from an insider and food recipes that use cid


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Cider Drink It Make It Cook with It Kindle Edition

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