Announcing: FermZilla 7.9 Gallon Flat Bottom Fermenters!

FermZilla Flat Bottom Fermenter - 7.9 gal. / 30 L FE145

FermZilla Flat Bottom Fermenter – 7.9 gal. / 30 L via MoreBeer

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

The FermZilla Flat Bottom Fermenter is an excellent option for making all kinds of beverages, from beer and wine to kombucha and cold brew coffee. It’s compact, lightweight, and made of brilliantly smooth PET. The extra-large lid opening makes it easy to get your arm inside and scrub the walls clean after use. The Flat Bottom features the same lid as the Conical FermZilla’s, so installing accessories like a thermowell or Temp Twister Cooling Coil couldn’t be easier.

Why MoreBeer! loves the Flat Bottom FermZilla:

Super smooth PET makes cleaning much easier when compared to HDPE fermenters, which have relatively large pours for krausen to stick to and bacteria to hide in.
Tight-sealing lid and PET material make for a better oxygen barrier than fermenters made of HDPE and come with lids that don’t provide an airtight seal.
The spigot-free design means less chance of infection. Although spigots are convenient for transferring, the internal cavity inside the spigot can be hard to keep clean and becomes a haven for microbes.
Lightweight and easy to move around, yet strong enough to be considered shatterproof.
The 4.75″ lid opening makes it easy to get your arm inside and clean after use.
The lid is designed for the easy installation of accessories such as a thermowell or cooling coil.
Affordable! The Flat Bottom is one of the most affordable plastic fermenters in this size range.
What’s Included:

FermZilla 30L Flat Bottom Fermenter
3-Piece Airlock
Adhesive Thermometer

30 L (7.9 gal) Total Volume
Temperature Rated to 122°F
Height – 18.5″
Height w/ Airlock – 22.5″
Tank Diameter – 13.75″
Lid Ports – 28 mm PCO 1881 threads

Please note: The Flat Bottom is not pressure rated and was not designed to carbonate in. For this reason, the lid does not come with a PRV like that which is included with the Conical FermZilla. The tank can withstand approximately 2 psi, but beyond that there is risk of deforming and damaging the tank.


FermZilla Flat Bottom Fermenter – 7.9 gal. / 30 L FE145

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